Controlled temperature areas

Our distribution center has temperature controlled areas that allow suitable goods storage temperatures to be guaranteed.

We have the following storage conditions:

  • Temperature below 30°C
  • Temperature below 25°C
  • Temperature between 2 and 8°C
  • Temperature between -20 and -5°C
Controlled products

We have special restricted access warehouses to keep under control any products whose main active ingredients are regulated by DIGEMID (Peruvian Directorate General of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs). Similarly, our IT system allows traceability to be maintained from the moment when the products enter the distribution center until they are sent to customers.

Batch control and FEFO and FIFO management

The traceability and management of the projects that we store are guaranteed by our batch control and our FEFO (First Expired, First Out) and FIFO (First In, First Out) policies. These policies ensure that products do not expire in the distribution center and that the correct batches are dealt with.

Validated cold chain

The temperature control of products in the 0°C range for frozen products, and the 2°C to 8°C range for refrigerated products is validated during the packaging, dispatch and distribution process, such that cold chain conservation is guaranteed for the entire transport route until delivery to the recipient.